Landscapers - HBO miniseries - NOT about landscapers!

Potential spoilers after the first post.
I happened upon the middle of the fourth/last episode of this series, and I was so intrigued I had to watch from the beginning.

The Wiki linked below gives a good overview, but it is based on a true story. The casting is great, and like so many British productions they have actors who look like regular people; further, the casting of the two leads is superb, at least visually (not knowing how the real people talked and acted).

I am a fan of Wes Anderson films, and there comes a point - starting with episode 2 - where the imagery used when one of the characters is remembering or relating a part of their past is clever and fun. I won’t spoil much more on that; they are quite interesting - sometimes comical - when they are used.

Four 1-hour episodes (I stream via HBOMax), so easily consumed.
I’m interested in other’s opinion of the series (obs).

A bit of a very minor spoilery question:

In the British system, are supplied criminal solicitors really that, err, ineffectual, by design?

Well worth the watch.

The Wes Anderson comparison is, I think, fair. I think the director, Will Sharpe wanted the production to make it clear that what you were watching was not what actually happened but people’s differing accounts of what took place, and also to make it clear that re-creating them on camera brought additional conjecture on top of that. Since the core of the series is which account to believe and where truth lies, I think this does a good job of bringing that question to the fore, and forcing you to not just form an opinion based on what you saw acted out on screen.

And agree with the superb casting right down to incidental neighbours.

Well, damn! I just came up with a tool to plant thousands of trees/shrubs without bending over. I guess nobody gives a hoot…