Lane markers on English highways.

So the zig-zag lines mean no stopping, but can be on the side of the road, or be the lane divider?

Your definitive guide to wacky animal-named British crossings:

Beware!! page loads sound file of woman coaching you for your license. Turn down speakers. Clicking “Stop Intro” at the top turns off sound.

Your link gives a perfect illustration of these zig-zag lines in the picture of the zebra crossing.

What’s wacky about them, the names or the actual crossings?

I have to admit, despite holding a full licence, I hadn’t heard of a pegasus crossing before seeing that page.

Do you have different road-crossings for different road-users in the US/Canada/Australia etc, or does one size fit all?

I noticed on a trip to Toronto that the pedestrian crossings have different bird-callesque audio signals, which was pretty odd.