Language mavens: "knockin' em dead" around the world

Background: I’m in a play opening tonight. I’m going to give cards (and Pez; who doesn’t like Pez?) to everybody in the cast.

I was going to just write “Kick Ass” on all the cards, as an exhortation to success, but as I’m thinking about it, I’d like to do something better. (And no, “break a leg” doesn’t cut it.)

So I’m hoping the multilingual community on the SDMB can provide me with a variety of sayings and aphorisms that are more or less synonymous with an encouragement to “kick ass” or “knock 'em dead.” I’d be especially appreciative if I could get the phrase, its language, and the translation (both literal and subjective if it’s particularly obscure and colloquial).

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Not so much a synonym, more one of the possible derivations from here