Laptop brands

I am looking into a new laptop for myself soon, and also for a friend now. I know computers enough to be able to distinguish between manufactures of parts and what is worth the money. However, with Laptops, I can’t build them myself, as such, I don’t have that much experience with them.

I’m looking to see what the experience with laptop brands people here have? What brands are reliable, which have good reliability? Which don’t have so much crap ware that I’ll just have to delete after I get it?

And also, for me, and not so much my friend, what brand has the best selection of choices to customize?

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Thanks, but not quite what I’m looking for. I’m not as much looking at reviews for particular laptops, I’m looking for more information on the actual brands. How do the varius manufacturers rate as far as reliability, basic features on all (or almost) their laptops (Like how HP laptops all have Altec Lansing speakers), things like that.

According to PC Magazine, Apple is top-rated in its service and reliability survey. Asus comes in second.