Laptop goes screwy when overhead projector connects.

I have a Dell M90 (running XP Pro and MS Office 2003) that is acting up everytime I connect it to an overhead projecter. When I switch to the projector it changes my display setting and that seems to be OK. But when I try to run an app like MS Project or PowerPoint it starts doing screwy things like resetting my MS Project timelines from weeks to hours (and will not let me change back) or not letting me get past the 7th page of a a 30 page Powerpoint presentation.

It is a work computer, but before I approach the helpless desk I’d like to see if there was something I could try myself. I do have admin rights and often do this sort of stuff on my own anyway.

Strange. Did you scanned it for viruses thoroughly? Work laptops used for presentations tend to be a nesting ground for them.

I get a virus scan every night and only use my own files for presentations so I doubt that it’s a virus issue. I’m more inclined to believe that it’s along the lines of “this computer sucks type thing”. :slight_smile: