Laptop shipped direct to me from China - is this common?

Just got my new Toshiba laptop and it came to me directly from Shanghai via UPS next day air - and the shipping was free.

Is this the new way companies are shipping now, direct from an overseas factory? Or maybe they did this because Christmas is only 2 weeks away.

It’s not related to Christmas. It’s today’s modern global supply chain in action.

Both my Apple MacBook and Lenovo (IBM) laptops were shipped directly from China. I believe many (most?) of Dell computers are shipped this way as well.

I’ve got a MacBook Pro and an iPod Shuffle, both refurbs, that were shipped directly from China. Didn’t know for certain whether it was special to refurbs or not, but it appears not.

I guess the cost savings from building in China is enough to pay the extra shipping.

Any chance you ordered a custom PC? You know, asked for more memory or a bigger hard drive? If so, the factory in China built you a custom model and dropped shipped it.

Even if you didn’t customize your order, why should the company your order it from stock them in a warehouse in the U.S.? Computers go bad very fast. in six months, everything you have in your warehouse will be obsolete, so there isn’t a great need for stocking inventory.

Even if they did stock some in the U.S., they may only ship those for express orders. Someone who must have their computer the very next day. If you don’t mind waiting a week, why not simply get it from China?

I ordered a MacBook Pro a month ago, and it was shipped from China, and I still got it in less than a week.

yes I did a custom order, not a stock laptop.