Laptop storage—when is heat a concern?

We need to store a pair of laptops (one Mac, the other an HP) for four days in early September. Storage location is rural Virginia (Arrington). The 5X10 unit is in a typical facility—a row of garages with no climate control.

My concern is that if it’s going to be 80s and sunny that week, are we putting the laptop’s functionality at risk?

They’re our work laptops, and though they’ll be backed up before putting in storage, having the systems fail upon return would still be a disaster.

If there is a risk, is there anything we can do to minimize it? Remove batteries? Cover them in ice?

Temps in a storage shed aren’t going to bother the electronics. It may not reliable operate at 130 degrees, but that’s not going to scramble the hard drive if the power is off.
Taking the batteries out is generally a good idea for storing any device.

Thanks. So yank the batteries, leave them be, then don’t power them up until they’ve come back to room temperature.

That just made our music festival!