Laptop Suggestions/Advice

sigh I purchased an HP Pavilion ZT1190 a short while back. For the most part, it’s an excellent machine. However, I paid 2400$ for a machine that has really bad DVD quality and also doesn’t reduce to lower resolution terribly well. I’m within the thirty day return period, so I’m taking advantage of it.

Do any of you have experience with either the Sonys or Toshibas or strong arguments either way?


Willing to spend up to 2500$

Want 1 ghz or over speed and 512 mb sdram and at minimum 30 gb hard drive

Dell and IBM are too expensive :frowning:

Battery life needs to be decent as I am hauling this for law school.

How hard would it be to lug a Toshiba around…esp. with law school books and no car?

Thanks to anyone that can help me out.