Large crowds at Football games

What they think is that they better reimpose restrictions on Americans traveling to their country. Which is exactly what Sweden and the Netherlands just did.

They are outdoors, the premier league in the UK have been playing, no problem. What about the USOpenTennis? Or MLBB?

The highlights and pictures of the recent international soccer games (and certainly the Premier League games) show an awful lot of people in the stands. Far too many to support your suggestion.

A question I’ve asked before that I’m still wondering about: considering the size of the stadium, is a Dallas Cowboys home game still considered indoors?

I’m pretty sure, yes. It’s an enclosed stadium, except for a retractable opening in the roof, which hardly eliminates viruses down below. And in an enclosed space, the air would be circulating the virus particles everywhere.

For it to be an outdoors game, it would have to be something more like an open-air stadium like the Bills’, Packers or Chiefs.

And even in an outdoor stadium, such as where the Chiefs play, there are a large number of areas that don’t circulate the air in quite the manner that you’d expect walking your dog in the park. For instance, this is what it looks like when the Chiefs’ home game ends. We’ll call that outdoorsish.

I think stuff like this feeds into the anti-vax/Covid-denier people because it makes no sense. My daughter started college this fall and to walk into a University building, she must wear a mask, but can go to the football stadium with 50k people and go maskless.

If she meets five friends at the student union, she must wear a mask when walking in but can take it off, eat and drink and talk for hours. She can sit in the dorms in groups of ten without a mask or at the local bars with hundreds crammed in maskless.

She has to wear a mask sitting in class, but everyone goes to a local restaurant for lunch without a mask. At some point you say that this makes no sense and that the people in charge are crazy.

A medical friend (serious pro-vaxxer, of course) went to the University of Wisconsin football game, because he’d seen research that said vaccination rates had reached 90% of students, and 99% of faculty.

Looks like that’s true! 90%!

Headline is: “UW-Madison reports 90% of campus fully vaccinated even without vaccine mandate”.

Maybe there is hope for the twenty-something generation.

Yup. We got a letter from our university president here in New Hampshire on 8/31 and as of then 88% of students, 77% of faculty, and 70% of staff are vaccinated.

I wouldn’t bet my life on it, but I’m fairly confident that significantly more faculty and staff are vaccinated than that: for most of the summer the method of uploading your vaccine card for faculty/staff was buggy and wouldn’t let anyone who hadn’t gotten treatment at health services log in to do it. I know that in July five coworkers and I spent over 20 minutes of our virtual lunch trying to figure out how to get our cards uploaded due to this issue before finding a buried link in an email mostly about something else that gave an alternate way to do it.

Students, on the other hand, were able to have someone scan and record their vaccination cards for them when they picked up their first batch of covid test kits.

As for why the kids have high vaccination rates - they want things to go back to normal at least as bad as the people working for the universities and colleges do, and they’re smart enough to realize herd immunity on campus is how that’ll happen.

Businesses universities, government offices, and hospitals are requiring vaccines in my area. .

Beyond that I think large venues would be good places to give them out along with a coordinated media blitz.

Depends on what you asking for. The Atlanta Falcons play in a retractable roof stadium which an opening that is roughly the size of the Cowboys Stadium, IIRC, and they have not had to deal with the indoor mask mandate by having the roof open at all events (soccer and football games).

As for safety, I’m not sure. It probably decreases chances of getting sick than if the roof was closed, but by how much I’m not sure.

The height of the roof makes it a moot point. If you’ve got 100,000 fans, all right next to each other, all screaming, with a delta variant that has a viral load 1200 times higher than the original COVID, you’re asking for trouble, roof or no roof. And anyone who’s dumb enough to be unvaccinated in that environment is a corpse in waiting.