Large or even Neighborhood Christmas lights question

Around here some people do some big, or even crazy HUGE Christmas lights displays.

Some neighborhoods have a “Candy Cane Lane” or Christmas lane type things where everyone on the whole street decorates.

In our area they have websites and such which tell people where all the best displays are.

Not all of this comes without its problems. For example a house with a big display will attract lots of traffic which can be hard for the neighbors. There was one particular house here a few years ago where he had all these animated dolls and such that was such a big hit (your talking ten thousand cars - even tour buses and limos) they had to make the street 1-way and have a traffic cop in front plus the owner had to have trash cans and a restroom setup. After over 40 years though the city shut it down because of all the problems and neighbor complaints.

Those Christmas lane streets and neighborhoods can be difficult if one doesnt want to or cannot participate. I’m thinking its part of the HOA requirements.

So what experiences do you all have with this?

There was a neighborhood very close to where we lived where all the house decorated to the nines. They set up food collection and money donation stations for a local food bank and everyone who drove by to see was encouraged to make a donation. The traffic on the street did get crazy and I think there were some limitations and when the whole neighborhood was lit up and throngs of people could come by.

There are neighborhoods in town that are known for having tacky light displays. So now “tacky light tours” are a thing. But people have been pushing back on them. Not just because of the traffic (including limos!) and noise, but also trash. Including urine and poop!

I think I could handle the traffic and noise, though it would probably work my nerves if we’re talking about rubber-necking all night long. But I think seeing people going to the bathroom in my front yard would make me lose my mind.

Thats why the place I mentioned above had to have porta pottys and trashcans and also to do a garbage sweep daily.

Still it was shut down when the city ordered the owner to pay for signs and traffic control.

Well you have to admit 250,000 vehicles during the season at a small residential street was too much.

I think it has stopped now, but in my area there used to be a circle that got lots of attention where most everyone put up lights–except for one house that put up large signs bitching about abortion.

I know this isn’t the same thing, but my inlaws lived in a neighborhood where on one specific evening, everyone was required to purchase and light luminaria that lined all the streets. And since my inlaws had a corner lot, they had to buy a LOT. They were relieved when they sold that place and moved.

That sounds like a shitty neighborhood.

There also was a single house a couple of houses down from us that used to go all out in the late 80s back before it became a big trend. People would be turning around in our driveway all night while they were active. They eventually had decorated every fixed object they could so they created light suits, sewing strings of lights into clothes and standing outside at night tethered to extension cords waving at people. It eventually stopped at that location, but the family carried on elsewhere.

We had a similar situation, corner lot and all. However, our HOA provided the luminarias. Volunteers would put them in front of houses or lots, including those where the owner chose not to actively participate (the sidewalks and curbs were common areas). Really nice looking except for the rainy or very windy years.

There was a house in my parents’ town that was featured in The Great Christmas Light Fight on ABC, so it obviously drew a lot of attention. I drove my parents by it and yes, we had to follow a defined, one-way path around the block and because of the others behind us, couldn’t really stop to get a good look.

In our neighborhood, anyone with excessive lights is boiled with his own pudding and buried with a stake of holly through his heart. Or so I’ve heard.