large tablet labeled nl 4 quick answer needed

We found a fairly large round medicine looking tablet, whilte, with nl 4 labeled on it. My kid says it is an antacid. I want to believe her. Does anyone know of an antacid labeled nl 4. It is white.

If you found this pill in your home, why don’t you look at one of your own antacid tablets and see if it’s got the same markings? Keep track of the unknown pill, of course. Don’t get it mixed in with your known medicines.

A “stop smoking” tablet?

I see they list the flavor as “mint” in that description too, which would explain why the OP’s kid thought it was an antacid.

The website might be helpful.

Can anyone find picture of it on the web?

This link agrees with Zipper, that it’s Commit Lozenges 4 mg. No picture of the tablet though.

Either that or kids these days are trying to catch a legal buzz off the nic in the pill…

Is that even possible

Click this link Glaxo commit page then on the left side mid page it says See Commit up close and personal. If you click that you’ll get an enlarged picture of the actual pill. Internet Explorer is a little slow on the site on my computer.

Yup, you got it. When I read the OP I thought “Ah, that sounds like the same thing a fellow at work found in his kids bag”. According to the fellow via his kid, it’s become a big fad now (at their specific school) to pop huge amounts of these pills to get a buzz. I’ll leave it to the doctors on this Board to explain why that’s not a good idea…sorry, if this pill is really what you found, your kid may not be truthful to you.

On its own, it’s not that evil, but it is a gateway drug. It leads a user to a really dangerous substance, tobacco. :eek:

:eek: Why don’t they just eat the cigarettes straight? That’s horrid!

You “found” it. Where. Was it yours at some time or other.

If you don’t know what it is and/or can’t positively identify it DON’T take it.
F L U S H I T ! i.e. flush it not flu… dern HTML code.

We found it under the sofa at home. We were concerned that it was some type of illicet drug (it is definately Commit Nicotine Lozenges) and wanted to know what it was before we got upset thinking someone, most likely one of our kids, was taking some type of illegal substance. On further questioning, the son who postulated it was an antacid did so based on it’s size, he had been taking some of those. It is good to know it is a legal OTC medication and not some humongous oxycontin tablet or something. Thanks for the help in identifying it so quickly. The rush was that we were very concerned.