Largest seating capacity venue?

What complex has the greatest capacity of individual ticketed seats?

I guess this could be divided into two answers, indoor venue and outdoor venue?

This is “ticketed seats” only and can not include general admission. So while you can count all the grandstand seats at someplace like Daytona Speedway you can’t include infield seating since it is general admission.

This can be a venue for sports, arts, whatever but you need to be able to buy a ticket for an individual stationary seat to count.

Michigan Stadium at Ann Arboer may not be the biggest in the world but it’s a good start. According to

Those are all ticketed seats.

I’ll open the bidding at 150,000.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Pemanent seating capacity of 257,325, plus infield for a total capacity of around 400,000.

I rememer my Latin teacher telling us the Circus Maximus had about the same seating capacity as The Brickyard.

Anyone else now want to see chariot racing on a superspeedway?