Larn me good about universal remotes

I’ve got a couple of weird off-brand components, and about 8 remote controls. I’d love to get a single universal remote, but I’ve yet to find one that has codes for all my components.

I’ve gotten one with a “search” feature which lets me page through the 800 or so codes built in hopes of hitting the one that work (none of 'em did, in any case.)

I’m sure I read somewhere that there are universal remotes that have a reciever built into them so that you can “teach” the universal remote by pointing the component’s remote at the universal remote and the universal remote “learns” the signals the component’s remote is sending.

A) Does such a thing exist?

B) Can I get one for less than, say…$75.00?

C) (we’re edging away from GQ and into IMHO territory here, sorry) Can anyone recommend one with this feature (brand name, model number) that they’ve had success with and liked?



If you find a universal remote for all my universal remotes, will ya let me know? :slight_smile:

There are several multi-component universal remotes with a learn feature on this page.

Good link, Q.E.D.. I’m quite fond of the Sony RM-AV3000, which can be had online for as low as $110.

Fenris, if you’re not willing to spend that kind of money, or you don’t like touchscreens, consider one of the higher-end One4All remotes in KidCharlemagne’s link – they have learning capacity, but aren’t quite as flexible as touchscreen remotes. Also, they can be programmed via a PC equipped with special software and a cable (IIRC, there’s a Yahoo group devoted to such things).

Not had your morning coffee yet, 3waygeek? I read KidCharlemagne’s post again very carefully and I still don’t see a link there. Might I suggest a good therapist? :smiley:

D’oh!! :smack:

My Sony RM-AV 3000 has replaced 7 remotes, and it’s not near capacity yet. Check out

Meet the Pronto. The granddaddy of all universal remotes.

Fenris I was in the same situation. I went out and bought 9 different “learning” remotes. Some by Sony, Phiilips, RCA, Zenith, etc.

I returned them all except the Zenith. It works
FANTASTIC! This thing does whatever you tell it to. Unlike the othere remotes, you can make the Zenith do what you want, using whatever button you want to do it. Your wish is it’s command. I like it so much I bought one for ever television in my house.
They’re under $20! Or check Ebay.

Thanks everyone, and especially 3waygeek! I got the OneForAll and it works perfectly!