Las Vegas Blacklist.

HELP HELP HELP!!! I need the Teeming Millions help here. I want to know who has been placed in the Las Vegas Blacklist book. I plan on travelling to Vegas soon and want to make sure I am not going to regret it. LOL

Also, what do you need to do to get placed into said book?

Thanks all,


Wikipedia mentions basically two black books.

The one I’m familiar with, The Griffin Book, which is published by a private company and contains basically anyone that can be considered a threat to a casinos profit, like cheaters and counters.

The Gaming Control Board book, which contains people with ties to organized crime

Whether this happens depends on what are your standards for regret. If these include “I lost money gambling”, you are likely to be disappointed (though only if you choose to place bets).

Easiest way to get in the book is to cheat and win a bunch of money. Like, a LOT of money. I don’t understand why you’re asking, since it seems like you know what the book is for, and if you don’t know if you’re in the book you’re obviously not.

Well, here is the Nevada Gaming Board’s list of Excluded Persons. Check to make sure you’re not on that! As mentioned, Griffin Investigations is a private company, and you’d have to pay to make sure you’re not on that.

Play it safe, and go in disguise!

Wow, and looking at the NGC’s list… I’m surprised to find out Louis Dragna is even still alive. He was one of the original inductees on the list. He’s been on the excluded list for over 50 years now. They REALLY don’t want him around!

Aside from cheating, I’m sure that if you trashed your room, brought a tiger in and threw a mattress off the roof, you’d have a good chance of winding up on some sort of blacklist. :smiley:

Depends on how much money you lost.

May be just another day in the high roller suite.

Thank you all. Really I was looking at finding out who was in the book and what kind of crimes were committed to get in. I have heard about this book in a few movies and it kind of piqued my curiosity.

As for me, I never regret going to Vegas.