Las Vegas - General motorcycle parking questions?

Greetings all Dopers who live in or have travelled to Las Vegas via motorcycle.

I am taking a trip to Vegas the first week in April for the National Association of Broadcasters convention.

Having never ridden in Nevada, before, I’m curious as to what provisions there may be for motorcycle parking - either by code or by tradition - in and around the city and more specifically at place like the convention center and the big hotel / casinos downtown and on the strip. In other words, where can I park my bike where it will be relatively safe and maybe even somewhat watched over?

Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks much.

I ride to the Laughlin River Run every year in April and normally end up in Vegas for a couple of nights. Every place has parking specifically for Bikes and all of them have some sort of security watching. Unfortunately the exterior of building, including the parking garages, in Vegas seem to get the least amount of security. IIRC The convention center has Bike Parking right next to the “guard shack” in the underground parking so that helps some. One more item to remember is Nevada is a manadatory helmet state. Ride safe!

Thanks Joe - excellent. Good to hear from someone with direct experience.

Have a good one.