Las Vegas: Sahara Hotel Casino Closing In May

As per this MSNBC article.

It was just announced on local news here in Las Vegas this week that the Sahara was closing. They will try to find jobs for the workers at other casinos, but the doors will be shut for good in May.

Although historically for Vegas this is kind of sad news - the hotel/casino itself has been on a steady decline for years. The buffet made high school cafeterias in East Berlin look tasty, the decor hasn’t been updated or dusted in ages and it was really shoddy in every respect. Doesn’t help that the neighborhood in that area of the Strip is a bit iffy at night.

People make fun of Vegas, and disdain the fact that they tear down casinos and build huge new structures to replace them. While I understand the sentiment, and there are always a few good memories attached to any property, the past owners of the Sahara are at fault for just raking in the coins and not re-investing a nickel into upkeep over the years. The Tropicana is another property that was falling into disrepair, but at least they are slowing re-building it, step for step, and it should be quite nice in about 1 or 2 years.

So while I bemoan the loss of some of the older casinos to make way for the new, I have to admit I don’t think anyone in Las Vegas is shedding a tear for the loss of the Sahara. This is one location that fully deserves to be imploded (although no decision has been made what they will do with the property).

Now if they would only do the same thing to Hooters (the old San Remo). That place is a rat trap not known for good memories, just good mammaries.

Oh, and as long as I am giving news of Las Vegas, I am sure you will all be thrilled to know that Celine Dion returns for a 3 year gig to Caesars beginning March 15th, with a 30 piece orchestra backing her up.
Her heart will go on…

How many years have you been waiting to deliver that line?

Good riddance. The place is a dump.

I shed more tears over the Stardust.

How could someone not see the potential to upgrade it and turn it into a shrine to the Rat Pack. If only I had a 100 million or so.

Which one is next in the Vegas deadpool? Maybe Circus Circus or the Excalibur?

Is the Riviera already closed?

It’s hard to get choked up about a Vegas casino closing down. They go through so many landmarks on a regular basis.

That takes Nascar and a rollercoaster out of the equation.

If you haven’t ridden Speed, the rollercoaster, do it before it’s gone. It’s a very cool little ride.

Although I would not recommend either, I don’t think they are on the immediate chopping block; Excalibur has a perfect location and will continue to book rooms, and Circus Circus is where people who find it necessary to bring children to Vegas book their rooms.*

The Rivieria is still open.

And yes, the only investment the Sahara has made over the years is putting the roller coaster out front - and I have heard it is a fun (quick) thrill. However, NYNY still has a pretty good roller coaster if you have a strong backbone, and Stratosphere has some interesting thrill rides up top if you are brave/suicidal. There is also the amusement park behind Circus Circus for other roller coasters/rides.

*Hint: Bringing kids to Vegas is a really stupid idea and should be avoided if at all possible. This is not a kid-friendly city, and by kid I mean anyone under 21.

Stayed far beyond it’s prime. Now maybe they’ll extend the tram to Fremont St.

Doubtful - the tram is bankrupt and might be torn down. Back when it was first built (with private financing), the deal was that they had to have enough money to tear it down, as Las Vegas didn’t want to get stuck owning it at a loss.

The tram has been one constant series of errors. They should have started immediately with the airport/Strip connection, but didn’t - some say due to pressure from taxi companies.
Then they built the damn thing way in the back of the casinos on the East side of the Strip. Say you want to go to the Convention Center.
If you are staying on the West side of the The Strip at NYNY, you have to go down your elevator, go through the entire NYNY casino, cross the bridge over The Strip, walk all the way through the MGM Grand and then up the level to the tram in the far back of property.
That is one huge schlep - especially if you are here on business and have a laptop and some ad materials to take with you. It would be faster to just get a taxi.

I will be surprised if the tram is still there in a few years.

But it does make me wonder: since one end of the monorail line is the Sahara, if they will stop running the whole line (i.e. make the Hilton the new end of the line) or just terminate in an empty lot in the middle of nowhere.

They’ll prolly keep running the whole line, since the maintenance facility is at the Sahara end.