Laser-Induced Plasma Channels?

I have a design concept that I’m pursuing: What is the most efficient frequency of laser light which would produce a plasma channel? The concept involves applying opposing high voltages released from a capacitive-discharge array to twin closely parallel LIPCs in order to project a high-intensity discharge at the target point, similar to a cross between a welder’s arc & a taser, only using the LIPCs instead of wires. Any disruptive effect produced by the beams themselves would be probably relatively secondary. The goal is to produce a portable self-defense device. Any constructive thoughts?

Sounds like an electrolaser.

Well, sort of, but this combines the “single-point discharge” idea with a twin-beam arranged in close parallel w/ an applied opposing voltage kept from “shorting” prior to target by the insulating effect of the non-excited air outside the LIPC. The discharge would occur when the twin LIPCs contacted their target, similar to a taser. Normal limitations to laser light would be in effect; in addition, things like rain, etc. would probably restrict the range/efficiency, depending on the degree.

I’ve seen a LIPC “plasma gate” demonstrated, but this was a series of “single-point” discharges, VS. twin-beams in close tandem.

We’re not too far off of a working design right now… it’s just a matter of fitting together the details of the key components.

This isn’t a long-distance application, like the MIL concept, but for more shorter-range self-defense applications. That eases the parameters significantly.

sounds like the idea that has been pushed for years by Ionatron.

in concept theirs is a neat idea: replace the taser wire with an ionized air path caused by a laser. In practice-it apparently is a lot harder to do than it sounds. Ionatron has been getting ready for a big public announcement for years. Their latest announcement: they changed their name to Applied Energetics.

They tried to open an office/manufacturing center near where I work a few years ago. As a result, the business people I know are very wary of them. Not unwilling to work with them, but very cautious.

I should have patented this idea when I had it 30 years ago…

Am I the only one reminded of the disintegrator beams from Larry Niven’s stories? “One must be careful not to fire both beams at once, or a current would flow”.

Or, alternatively, “Don’t cross the streams.”