laser level part II

I didn’t want to hijack the other laser level post with this question, but the aformentioned got me thinking. I saw the commercial for one of these “what seems to be just a basic laser pointer that is modified to sit flat” laser levels. In the commercial it advertises that it can go around corners. WHAT?!? From what I recall the laser level went around a corner, sorry if the following isn’t clear. From what I got from the commercial, you can point the laser north, for example, on a north/south wall, if the north/south wall makes a right turn (or left too I suppose), then you will also have a line pointing on the east/west adjacent wall. I don’t think we have this kind of technology yet, bending/reflecting light without mirrors, but if someone can prove me wrong, I want this magical wall hugging laser!!

There was a thread on this recently. I’m too lazy to search, but the upshot was, the ad is talking about inside corners, not outside ones. The laser line can only project line-of-sight.