Laser printer help please.

I have a Canon laser printer and ever since I got the thing 3 years ago it always sucks 3-10 pieces of paper thru the machine whenever it prints. I cant figure out how to prevent this. It prints fine, but even if I print one page it pulls 3-10 blank pages of paper thru in a stack, not one at a time. So, to make sure I am clear, the 10 pages come thru in a stack, not one a t a time. They all feed thru at once.

Any idea how to fix this?

There is a funky repair kit thing that HP has for some of thier printers with the same problem (1100). They send them out for free I believe. Have you tried calling Cannon to see if they have a similar kit for your printer?

Also, you could try fannning the stack of paper. Put the end you fanned toward the pickup mechanism.

My old HP 5L does this about half the time. The other half of the time it doesn’t feed at all. Since I don’t have to do much printing these days, I just feed it a single sheet at a time and curse a lot.

I guess that’s probably not very helpful.

There might be settings in the control software for paper thickness - if you’re using cheap paper, the thickness might be less than what the feed mechanism expects.

I had a similar problem on my Lexmark - the phone support tech guided me through a procedure that involved bending back (carefully!) the little plastic tension springs that hold the paper in place - works fine now.

Here’s a newsgroup post that might help. (Hope that link works - the chances are pretty slim though.)

Canon and HP laser techo checking in here,

This is a fairly common problem among the Canon LBP-600 series and HP 5/6L series (same engine) and the Canon LBP-800 and HP LJ1100 series (these also share the same engine).

Essentially there are two contributors to the problem. The first and definitely most common is the separation pad in the paper pickup unit. This consists of a little L-shaped bit of plastic with a gummy rubbery bit attached to it. Typically what happens is the gummy bit becomes worn and slick over time, gaining a somewhat shiny appearance. The pad needs to be replaced periodically.

Another contributor is worn paper pickup rollers. In the LBP-800 and LJ1100 series this is easy to replace. In the LBP-600 and LJ5/6L series it’s a real pain in the arse to replace.

Your best bet is to replace the separation pad in the paper pickup unit. It’s a fairly straightforward job, but if you are not familiar with printers, I’d suggest leaving it to a professional. On both these printers it will require removing most of the covers and removing the paper pickup unit.

If you were in my neck of the woods, I’d do it for you in exchange for dinner. But since I’m not, take it to your local printer repair place. They’ll charge you anything from 30 minutes to 1 hour worth of labour, plus parts (the sep. pad is cheap, maybe $5-10). It’s unlikely to be covered under any sort of warranty as it is a part affected by wear and tear.

Hope this helps,

I have HP LaserJet 5l, 6L, 1100 printers all of them have free paper feed kits from HP. But if you bought it new & its been happening since then, it might be something else, look at the manual.

BTW, HP is giving rebate coupons in their class action suit about this issue.