Lasik for farsightedness?

has anyone here had it done? was it successful? I’m so tired of wearing my glasses, which I seem to need to wear more often, now… is it very expensive? How long is recovery time?

I am not an eye doctor.

What is the cause of your far sightedness? If it is age related then it is probably caused by a hardening of your lense (making it increasingly difficult for your eye muscles to bend it into a suitable shape for close vision) and I don’t believe lasik can fix it.


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The surgeon I work for does it. If you’ve always been farsighted, you can have it done (as DeathRay said, it’s not meant to fix presbyopia). One of my co-workers was very farsighted before surgery, and is about 6 years post-op without complication or regression. I have not had, nor do I want, LASIK. My sister and her daughter have both had it, with great success. Both were extremely nearsighted with considerable astigmatism.

Prices vary hugely from region to region. Remember, having your eyes operated on is not something one should “bargain shop”. Almost all of our patients drive themselves to our office the next day without corrective lenses. And almost all of our patients go to work after their “one day post-op” appointment. But, you know, you’ll want to be really kind to your eyes for a few weeks after surgery.

Good luck! Ask people you know have had the procedure. You’re sure to find the right surgeon that way.