Lasonic tech support -- they spel reelly gud

I’ve been trading e-mails with Lasonic tech support regarding a broken DVD player. The last e-mail I got from them was so riddled with basic spelling and grammatical errors that I couldn’t be sure it was from the actual company or a spammer that was spoofing the address. Here it is, in all its awful glory:

Sorry, cuz your pervious message wasn’t attached, it’s difficult for us to retrive your message. Please attached your pervious message for us to follow up! thank you

Tech Support

Amazing. Truly amazing. “Previous” is NOT a hard word to spell, yet this person screwed it up TWICE. :eek:

I had a similar experience just last week.

I was perusing mortgage rates at E*Trade and had some questions about various loans they offer, so I decided to use their “Live Chat” option.

The CSR I was chatting with seemed to know a good deal what he was talking about, but could not spell to save his life and kept using SMS-like abbreviations like ‘ur’ and others.

Gah! Is it too much to ask when I’m dealing with a company that might possibly be getting several thousands of dollars from me in closing costs and interest to spell out entire words correctly? Needless to say I was quite put off by the situation and if another lender has similar rates and costs, I will most definitely go with them if they are more professional than that!

Front-line tech support isn’t exactly a 6-figure job. Demand for good techs generally outstrips supply. Yes, good spelling would be much more professional, but it’s not absolutely vital to getting the job done. Frankly, I wouldn’t care if tech support spelled “previous” as “mangrove throatwobbler” if they can fix my problems and I can understand what they’re trying to communicate.

I am a decent speller, but I realize many people are not. I get over it.

Communication seems to me to be a pretty basic skill, and not too much to ask from someone in a client services type position. Abbreviations like “ur”? Unacceptable.