Last and First Men-One of the Most Prophetic Science Fiction Novels Ever

Of all the science fiction novels I’ve read and heard of, Olaf Spengler’s *Last and First Men * is one of the most prophetic I’ve seen. It predicts the fall of Europe from the world’s stage and the rise of America and China as the two superpowers of the world.

Olaf Stapledon you mean. You’re probably confusing him with Oswald Spengler who was writing at the time whose famous work is, “Decline of the West.”

You are right. Too bad it’s too late to edit.

I’m surprised that’s public domain.

I don’t know if it’s a prophetic novel or not (since it’s been a long time since I reread it), but it and its sequel Starmaker are great novels.

It’s from an Australian site not USA.

Stapledon’s Odd John is also a great novel.