Last day of holidays...back to work tomorrow. Or am I?

It’s been a lovely three weeks off work (alas, unpaid) but pleasant all the same. And tomorrow I am meant to be returning to my job as a fundraiser for a national charity that supports people with cancer.

Except we had this bloody bastard of a tsunami didn’t we. Which means that probably 99.9% of our fundraising pool of donors are either about to or have already donated to the various international groups who are heading the relief collections for the victims. That’s a wonderful thing, and I support their efforts wholeheartedly. It does mean, however, that smaller groups (like the one I work for) are going to be missing out on substantial support in the next few weeks and months as people empty their charity piggybanks to help out the victims of that bloody bastard of a tsunami.

But, hey, shit happens and that’s the way of the world.

What pisses me *right off * though is that I rang the boss a few days ago to find out if he had any plans to deal with this situation. My boss is a lovely, sweet bloke, but he’s a bit clueless at times, and I wondered if he had even bothered to think about how the Tsunami Relief efforts would affect his operations. I left a message, and then rang another workmate who also left a message for him to ring me, but the slackarse hasn’t gotten back to me yet.

Obviously he thinks we are just all going to trot back to work tomorrow morning and rake in the dollars as per usual. :rolleyes:

Mate, it ain’t gonna happen.

What IS going to happen is that:

  1. People are going to say, “Sorry kam, but I’m all charitied out at the moment”.

  2. Or more likely, “Are you fucking KIDDING me you stupid bitch? You’re collecting for fucking people with cancer to go on a fucking holiday when there’s hundreds of thousands of kids across Asia who’ve got no water or place to sleep? What are you, some sort of freakazoid or what??”

I don’t think going back to work for the next few weeks is a Good Idea. Not from MY POV, ('cos I don’t really like being told to fuck off all that much), not from the Charity’s POV, ('cos the costs to them for our labour etc will be greater than the funds raised I suspect) and the boss himself will be losing megabucks and a lot of goodwill from the community to boot.

I wouldn’t give a monkey’s pistle if I didn’t actually need to get back to work. I’d happily forsake my job for another few weeks and have an extended holiday enjoying the sunshine and the relaxation, except there’s bills to be paid.


Can you say what charity you fundraise for, or would that be giving TMI on an internet message board?

Kam, a bright idea for you:

There are foundations out there – you, or another Doper with expertise in connecting needs with philanthropic groups, will know better than I which ones – that have as a primary purpose being a safety net for people that “fall through the cracks.”

Put together a nice package of the materials you use to show how important and valuable your program is. Then frame it with a cover letter that restates the problem you describe in the OP. Something to the effect of “Our usual sources are dry at the moment thanks to Tsunami relief, and continued efforts to fund-raise from them will be counterproductive, producing a negative attitude toward us. But the need is still there. Can you produce a one-time grant to help us cover the need while our usual sources are going all out for tsunami relief?”

Looks like I cried wolf. :smack:

The support from the Australian community was on par with any other time. Some people indeed did apologize profusely and cited having given already to the tsunami relief funds…but with earnest offers to continue donating in a couple of months time.

Other folks though seemed concerned that we local charities were going to have a rough trot, and in fact increased the amounts of their previous donations by quite generous amounts.

And everybody was really sweet and just thankful (I think) to live in such a blessed country.

Shocked the pants right off’ve me it did. :smiley: