Last Mimzy question (open spoilers)

So I went to The Last Mimzy this weekend with my neices. They loved it. They got scared occasionally, but they recovered nicely. Anyway my question has to do with the movie and not the book. They send Mimzy back in time and include objects used to get Mimzy back to the future. The spinners create the looking glass. The generator gathers energy and powers the spinners to open the bridge. I’m not sure what the green glass is for?
But more to my real question, why include something that helps us talk to/control animals? What was the purpose? Obviously in terms of story, it was useful for him to get the cockroaches to cover the camera, but otherwise, what’s the future-guy’s reasoning.

I think you’re not going to get any fully coherent explanation of why the people in the future sent back in time the particular toys that were sent. (In the story, they didn’t deliberately send anything back. It was just an accident that anything was sent back.) In the movie, there was no real reason that those particular things should be sent back by the people in the future. The only reason I can offer is that the filmmakers thought it would be neat to include those things because it would make for interesting special effects.

Wait a minute. This flick has a happy ending?

Yes, the filmmakers changed the plot that much.

The generator was made from a weird jelly blob and the green glass. Somehow, the green glass gets absorbed into the jelly blob, and it turns into an atomic-looking bizarro generator.

I’m thinking that Mimzy and her accessories teaching the kids how to do the things that they learned are side effects of getting them to be able to donate genetic material to the future people and send Mimzy and her accessories back. The green glass taught the boy about both geometric designs and sound frequencies. He figured out the movement of the animals thing on his own experimenting with sound frequencies.

I’m still a little bothered that the producers actually think we’ll believe that Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches exist in the wild in Seattle.