Last of the "old guard"?

Nan Kempner, Kitty Carlisle, Pat Buckley and now perhaps the grandest dame of all - Brooke Astor - has died.

Link to obituary:

Oh, yes, she was the very last of that marvelous “old guard.” But damn, 105!!! Isn’t that amazing!

I lived in NYC briefly and was always fascinated by these Grand Dames. They exuded class and “old money”…you only needed to walk through any of the finer hotels or restaurants and you just knew when they were there without having to glance in that direction. There was an aura about them that I cannot put my finger on - but you felt it when you were in their vicinity. If you did sneak a glance, it was like being privy to a private viewing of an artistic masterpiece.

Brook Astor…does it get any classier? Some may laugh at the thought of mourning the passing of a woman who was already 105 years old, but it is a sad day. A culture is often defined by the actions of a few, and she certainly did America proud with her generosity, along with exemplary manners and style.

“Here’s to the ladies who lunch…”