Last of the Ziegfeld Girls still alive & kicking at 102.

Doris Eaton Travis
I thought Eve might be interested in this lovely story.

That is an awesome story. Go Doris!

I’ve met her several times–she’s a delightful lady, still has all her marbles. I was lucky enough to meet a handful of Girls in the early '90s, when I covered a Ziegfeld Reunion for (now-defunct) TheaterWeek magazine.

And thank you for not misspelling it as “Ziegfield!”

looks at title of the thread… Hmmm

Waitaminute: I could swear when I first looked at the thread this morning it was “Ziegfeld . . .”

She’s still a cutie!

In the article it mentions that she was in the chorus line of the movie Whoopee with Eddie Cantor. I used to have that on tape. Betty Grable was also in the chorus line. Dang. It would have been fun to try to pick Doris out. As best I remember, it had the Western setting that she apparently became used to.

I’m glad to know she’s alive and kicking.