"Last poster of a thread" needs to be moved to thread games.

I don’t see why it’s such a big deal to make the last post in a thread.

Busted! :smiley:

True, and, in fact, it may become a negative rather than a positive thing. If too many threads come to an abrupt end with your post being last, you may start being viewed as a “thread killer”!

Sounds kind of horrible, doesn’t it? LOL

Time to kill this thread.

Not yet. :slight_smile:
(Anyway, I bet a mod gets the last word here.)

That’s because he’s beaten your team so often.

No, I don’t know which team but, whichever one it is, I’m quite sure that he’s beaten it several times! LOL

This thread needs to be moved to Thread Games.

You should open a thread in ATMB about that.

Moderator Action

It’s nice to have something fun in ATMB, but that’s enough. Time to close this one.

I win. :wink: