"Last poster of a thread" needs to be moved to thread games.

Because THIS thread hasn’t been on topic for days!
Yeah, I know, I’m a stick in the mud.

That’s a youtube video of “Space Ghost.”

At least that thread stayed on topic longer than this one.

Lol. How’d that happen? Anyways: here

I’m gonna be Capt. Obvious here and ask, “Did you report it?”

I wonder who’ll be the last poster in THIS thread?

Yes. Days ago.

Lines up kill shot



There ya go. If it’s been a few days, you can assume a mod saw your report and decided not to act on it. They don’t have to act on every report, you know. If I report something and nothing happens, I assume mod knows best and move on.

Yes, I am aware of that. Since I never got any feedback, I was curious why the declined to close it. Considering threads tend to get closed once they get derailed like that.

I’m under no illusion that the thread in question will be moved or closed.

Man, we can’t have any fun around here!
I kid, move it to thread games if needed. :slight_smile:

In my experience, the mods tend to reply back when it’s something different like that.

Fun we can have. But we’ll never have anything nice. :smiley:

Raises Hand

Ooh Ooh! Me ME!

Not a chance.

I agree with BubbaDog.


Ok, but seriously.

So, what defines “off topic”? For example, suppose you start a thread about a particular article of clothing, say a certain style of men’s pants, that disgusts you. I respond that it’s the newest thing and originated in France via a certain famous clothier, and I expand the conversation to all of his designs in general. Is that “off topic”, or is it “on topic” because it is somewhat related to the OP?

I think we have to appreciate the fact that things aren’t black and white or clear-cut in many cases, and moderators are stuck with making the decisions that may not be at all easy to make in certain cases. When people assume the position of “armchair quarterback”, they all think of themselves as Tom Brady. Try modding for real and see what it’s like.

Well, now I’m having fun;)

I’ve never liked Tom Brady.