MODs closing threads

In my humble opinion SDMB readers should be told why threads get closed. The last one I am left wondering about is the ‘Irish horse’ one in GQ, yeah it’s stupid, but why was it closed. It took how many posts in the Pit to figure out the last religious thread closed was for sock puppetry. This isn’t necessary and seems like just sloppy MODing. But that’s just me.

From the OP in the Irish Horse thread:

Discussion of board policy belongs in ATMB; criticism of moderator actions belongs in the Pit. Hmmm…

Moved from IMHO to the Pit.

I assume this is the thread you’re talking about? It seems pretty darn clear to me why it was closed.

That closure request by the OP was just a sham put in there as cover for the MODs secret agenda of oppression.

You mean the part where the OP requested closing, and the mod referenced said request when he closed it? You call that evidence?

Now that the OP’s been answered, I expect this thread can be closed. :cool:

I can’t believe no one has painted out that the OP requested the thrad be claused.

Nonsense. That closure request was completely uncoerced. Just as the soon-to-be-forthcoming admission from the OP that the MODs have done nothing wrong in any of their actions and that he started this thread in an opium delerium will be. Rather, it will be a spontaneous expression of regret and wrongdoing, not in any way forced with the implied threat of electrified nipple clamps or a big angry dog chomping down on his groin.

Nope, I’m confident he’ll just see the light and speak the truth.

I, Liberal, am in complete agreement with the staff. Neither I nor my family has been forced to write these statements. This is the manner in which I always write statements. These statements are my original statements.

After mod review, and before posting, remove this line.

I’ve been tempted lately to write a song called “Moderator!” but I just don’t think enough people I know would get it. :slight_smile:

You can post it here of course, An Gadai.

Be sure to reference Jim Croce’s “Operator” in the process.

So my peacefully worded simple observation is sent to the Pit, fine. Apparently I’m alone in feeling we deserve some explanation for thread closing. Oh well.

The description for the BBQ Pit says that “this is the place for all complaints and other discussion regarding administration of the SDMB,” which is why your thread was moved to it. And you did receive an explanation why the “Irish horse” thread was closed; the question was answered and the original poster asked that it be closed.

Well, perhaps I would feel that we should get an explanation for a thread closing if the thread you cited didn’t have both the OP and the moderator commenting on why the thread was closed.

Perhaps you could find a better example of your point. In the meantime, my tiny violin plays for you.

Why? Not smooth enough?

Perhaps you do, but your request would have been better served if it did not include the two posts (already mentioned) that include the comments bolded:

I think we have a clear leader in the race for the SDMB Oscars in the category of Lamest questioning of a moderator’s action, by a person starting a thread

Yes, I can see your confusion.

I often get confused by simple statements, too.