Soooo...why was my pit thread closed?

Am I allowed to politely request an explanation?

There are no dirty words in it. There’s no abuse, there’s no challenging any mod action. What rule was broken?

Thanks in advance for any explanation given.

Edit: link to closed thread:

Apparently, after following all the rules and omitting any non-Pit worthy content, your thread had no pit-worthy content and was therefore closed.

I’m not a Pit mod, but I’m guessing because it was an obvious commentary on the new rules and thus more suitable for ATMB than the Pit. Except it was also pretty sarcastic, so it really wasn’t suitable for ATMB either.

Keep those kinds of thoughts to yourself, I guess. Might hurt someone’s feelings to have to hear them.

Mine was prettier. I told you to put bangles on yours, but you just never listen to me.




But while I’m here, could I ask why this thread was closed as well? It was a Pitting of Giraffe.
You’re Good Enough, You’re Smart Enough, and Doggone it People Like You

Oh yeah, and one more thing. Since we’re trying to be more business-like around these parts, it might be useful to get rid of the snark in every context. Sarcasm is not normally allowed in business settings.

I guess the mods are still sorting through the rules as much as we are, if creative and non-vulgar ways of insulting people ends in closed threads.

Great suggestion! We will consider it very carefully. Management has an open-door policy and we really want to hear your thoughts! We’ve implemented so many suggestions from people just like yourself! Thank you so much!

You’re welcome! And thank you for your consideration! I try very hard to think up every imaginable solution (and sometimes ones beyond anyone’s imagination) to our very complex problems to help the organization run more smoothly.

I can see how my many suggestions have helped management to create better policies that have been exemplified here. I will get back to thinking up more of my suggestions for your review since it’s so obvious how much you appreciate them.

I closed it because, ultimately, you were making a comment (albeit, sarcastic) about the recent rule changes, and it didn’t belong in the Pit. On a (heh) normal day I’d just move it to ATMB, but–and I don’t know if anyone’s noticed–we already have a couple of threads about the new rules, so I closed it. I didn’t think I’d need to leave a closing remark explaining why, but since I’m answering this thread, it looks like I was kinda off the mark on that one.

See, that sorta illustrates the point I was trying to make. Nothing in the literal text I posted can fairly be said to violate any rule. You made your decision based on what you think I meant. Perhaps this one was a hanging curve ball. I’m not going to confirm or deny that one. But when we have mods having to read posters minds to moderate, the situation is…less than ideal.

I hope you at least got a chuckle out of it.

A rule I’d agree with is that when a thread is closed, you must always state why in the thread. In many cases, obviously the OP isn’t going to know the reason for closing without being told, or they wouldn’t have created the thread in the 1st place.

Oh, I think in the vast majority of cases you’ll see a reason for a closed thread. I know I write them out except when it’s obvious that either the thread was requested to be closed, or it was a duplicate thread. In both cases, however, there’s usually a post (not by me) with either the request or a link to an existing thread.

This thread was a whole bowl full of obvious of what was going on, so I didn’t bother with the closing remarks. Still, I should have, and if for nothing else, it should have been done so that after the excitement winds down and someone looks at the thread in the future, they’ll know why it was closed.

“Giraffe, I think you’re a “terrific” guy. I also think these new pit rules are “fantastic”.”
…was clearly a violation of Rule #4, aka quote tag abuse.

Apparently, your bangles weren’t shiny enough as your thread is now locked. :wink:

Yeah but it went on for way longer than Oak’s. 'Sides, when I opened it I enchanted it so that whoever closed it would…

Well, never mind. We can just wait for the Mod/Admin in question to post a pit rant entitled “Mithra curse it! My house is being bombed by flaming toads!”

He told you just to wait and see how things work out. That didn’t take long. Do you see now?

This one also was closed without a mention of why. Perhaps some of the mods/admins don’t want to stick their necks on the line here? If a rule is something you think is worth enforcing, at least have the balls to write an explanation saying why you’re enforcing it. If you can’t come up with a succinct, pertinent explanation for why the thread is being closed, perhaps it’s time to rethink the situation.


Give me a break. It was beyond obvious what you were doing.

The new rule is one of the most stupid things I’ve ever seen on this message board, but the sarcastic threads sure aren’t much better.