Hey bibliophage?

In regards to this thread (here), you seem to be abusing your closing powers.

The moderators have four administrative options when dealing with threads. Editing, deleting,locking, and moving. Seems like you are using the most drastic for no real reason.
[ul][li]Editing would not have applied here. You said yourself that it was not illegal to post those kind of threads. There were no personal attacks, messed up coding, slurs or smut links. Thus it did not need editing.[/li][li]Deleting the thread was not applicable either. There was nothing grossly illegal about it in any way and did not violate the forum rules.[/li][li]You could have moved it. You said it belonged in IMHO. This would have been the appropriate course of action. However, I think the thread could have stayed in GQ.[/li][li] You locked the thead. Usually locking happens when someone steps out of bounds and starts a flame war or hijacks the thread completely. This never happened.[/ul][/li]
To me, it seems that you are using your new moderator powers to lock everything that is in the slightest way wrong. No warnings, editings, movings. You killed that thread.

You may be having a bad day, and you don’t have any obligation to read or pay attention to any of this, but I hope you will remember in the future that we don’t punish ignorance here. You have four tools as a moderator. I hope you recognize what they do and use them accordingly, instead of as a “one type fits all” tool.

“When you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” :smiley:

Red_Dragon: I’m not a Mod, but my understanding is that moving a thread puts a HUG*E strain on the server. Far more than just closing a thread does.

Given the board’s…um…wonky…behavior recently, maybe that was Bibliophage’s reasoning.


Y’know, if Bib had called the OP of that thread a “fucking asshole” or “dimwitted humanoid whale testicle” in his explanation, I can see the cause for wanting to start a Pit thread about it.

But jeez, he just closed a thread. “Wrong forum, try IMHO,” he said. He wasn’t abusive, he wasn’t abrasive, he just closed a damn thread. It’s not that difficult to start a new one in the correct forum.

And when you have a nail-gun everything is a bulls-eye.

DaLovin’ Dj

I fully understand that. However, if he went through the trouble of locking it, he could have moved it.

What other forum is he/she supposed to put this Spoofe?

As has been said numerous times around here, any friggin’ question about moderators belongs in the pit.

It’d be nice if it were allowed in ATMB, if it were like this one that wasn’t so much a bitch but a question or reasonably asked question, but ask it there and the person will be told to take it to the pit… where it will be ignored post haste.


…not that I think it’s a good idea. :wink:

When did I ever say anythign about Red_Dragon starting a thread about this in a different forum? I’m questioning this thread’s existence in the first place.

My comments about starting a new thread in a different forum was a reference to Bibliophage’s comments in the thread mentioned in the OP. I just think this particular instance is so mild that it doesn’t really warrant any sort of comments.

red_dragon, did you even try to e-mail bibliophage before opening this thread? (That goes for SmackFu too, who opened another thread on this same trivial matter.) The thread may well have been locked rather than moved due to board traffic. If asked politely, bib or some other moderator might well have been willing to move it at a low traffic time. This thread was not necessary.

Cripes, don’t you guys ever think to use e-mail before jumping straight into the pit?

If I had a hammer, I’d hammer in the morning.

Colibri, as it was not my thread that was locked, I felt that I shouldn’t email. It concerns the board, so I felt I might as well put it on the board.

SPOOFE, as you are in the Clique, you wouldn’t understand. I, like Lenin, see the problem inherent in the system. Communication has broken down so the common poster may not spead his ideas without being criticised by the bourgeois. It is time for the proletariat posters to rise up and overthrow the moderators!

In short SPOOFE, you are a fucking loon. :smiley:

Red, did you miss my post? Moving threads takes lots of effort for the server for some reason. Locking threads doesn’t. I’ll bet dollars to donuts that the first mod that comes across this thread verifies this.

It’s not personal, it’s processor power concerns.


PS: Am I in the Clique? :wink:

A bona fide pit thread. Is it your first since becoming a moderator? This must mean they’ll teach you the secret handshake now.

----:p/ x o x o x

This was misplaced diffidence. If you were interested in having the thread re-opened, there was absolutely no reason why you yourself couldn’t have e-mailed bibliophage or another mod.

Opening a pit thread about a moderator decision should be the last recourse, not the first, as some people seem to think.

You go to a lot of effort explaining to bib what his options were. You also had options, and you chose the most drastic for no real reason.

Well, then Jodi ([sub]if that IS your real name[/sub]) are you the one responsible for hammering out freedom? Hammering out justice? Hammering out love between your brothers and your sisters aaaaa-llll o-ver this laaaa-aaaaa-annnd?

Are you?

Fenris, who always thought that “hammering out” sounded like a way to get rid of something, and wondered why they’d want to.

All I see is a guy putting in a lot of time on our behalf and making a shed load of decisions every day. This decision looks fine to me based on the fact that it was in the wrong forum and it was, presumably, a bugger to move – I’m guessing but maybe the choice was: Spend 10 minutes trying to move this one thread or spend the same amount of time checking 10 other threads.

Mottoo: Post in the correct forum.

Well, I’m not bibliophage, but that’s the reason that I will close threads rather than move them. Also, when moving a thread, one usually makes a note of it in yet another thread, which will put still more strain on the server when it’s called up.

I also get quite frustrated when I try to move a thread, and get timed out half a dozen times. Then I’m likely to just snarl something nasty, and lock it.

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