Last Soldiers To Die In World War 2?

Who were the last soldiers to die on the Western, Eastern, and Pacific fronts of World War 2?

Do you include combatants who later died of their injuries?

And do you include the holdouts who lasted for weeks/months after the official end of the war?


From what I’ve studied there weren’t much holdouts on the European fronts.

there were pretty serious holdouts well into 1946 in the Philippines. my father said he was in very serious firefights there well after the war ended. This doesn’t count the lone japanese survivalists who held out 20-30 years.

December 31, 1946: President Harry S. Truman ended state of hostilities in World War II.

Name: Thomas L. Babb
Death Date: 16 June 1946
Cemetery: Epinal American Cemetery
Cemetery Burial Plot: Plot A Row 37 Grave 30
Cemetery City: Epinal
Cemetery Country: France
WAR: World War II
Title: Technical Sergeant
Rank: Technical Sergeant
Service: U.S. Army Air Forces
Service ID: 37379261
Division: 1922nd Ordnance Ammunition Company, Aviation
Data Source: World War II Honor Roll

Name: Blas Chacon

Death Date: 26 June 1946
Cemetery: Florence American Cemetery
Cemetery Burial Plot: Plot D Row 2 Grave 25
Cemetery City: Florence
Cemetery Country: Italy
WAR: World War II
Title: Private
Rank: Private
Service: U.S. Army
Service ID: 38713574
Division: 351st Infantry Regiment, 88th Infantry Division
Data Source: World War II Honor Roll

At least one is still “holding out”. Lt Hiroo Onoda refused to surrender until 1974. And he’s still alive at the age of 87.

I think we can take the OP to mean “Killed in action”, and I think this partially answers the question.