Late 1980s vampire film- Stoker novel as guidebook

In the late 80’s, when USA Network was amateurish and good, I saw a vampire film, probably on Commander USA’s Sat afternoon show, in which the men hunting the vampire were using Bram Stoker’s DRACULA as a guidebook. One scene I remember most is that they went to the morgue where the “dead” girlfriend of one of them was being kept. They knew she had been killed by a vampire, so the other guy was urging the boyfriend that she should be staked “by the hand of the one who loved her most” (a quote from Van Helsing to Holmwood regarding Lucy).

Any ideas what that movie was? Thanks!

Commander USA’s Groovie Movies. I remember that.

Don’t know if this helps, but Wikipedia comes through with a list of movies shown by the Commander. Perhaps therein you’ll find what you seek.

Thanks for the pointer- I’d actually seen that wiki before but forgot about it. Alas, tho- while I’ve seen a lot of those, nothing sticks out as being the film I remember. Of course, I’m ruling out that it was A Polish Vampire in Burbank. Watch it turn out to be that very one! :smiley: