Late-evening snacks

This is supposedly bad for you. ‘If you eat after suchg-and such time, the food will digest when you should be asleep and keep you awake.’ Why? Why would the stomach or intestines have any effect on the brain’s sleep control center?

It might be referring to the absorption of glucose into your bloodstream from the food; more glucose circulating= little burst of energy. Personally I sleep best on a full stomach.

I’ve been told by a med-student friend of mine that eating just before lying down is bad because it can cause reflux (get out the Rolaids).

Good point.

Look out – it’s also a potential sign of an eating disorder, described in this weeks Journal of the American Medical Association. Here’s a general link on the subject:

Depends on what you eat. If you open a bag of chips, everybody knows there is only one serving in any size bag of chips. So buy the small 30 cent bags at the convenience store. A scoop of ice cream could not hurt, but eating out of the container over the sink leads to mass quantities consumed.

To each his own, Dexter.