Late night truck spraying orangy-stuff. What was it?

I was standing outside my apartment last night, about 11:00 pm, and a pickup truck drove through the parking lot with what sounded like a generator running in its bed.

It wasn’t a generator, it was some sort of gasoline-powered spraying machine.

The mist was very fine, smokelike, and smelled strongly of oranges.

Any idea what I inhaled last night? I’m worried I’m going to start seeing giant, fanged Funky Winkerbeans crawling on my walls.

My first guess is that, unless you are a mosquito, you’re OK.

Mysterious truck … spraying some agent … smelled of orange … hmm … agent … orange … :eek:

Naw, seriously, BubbaDog’s got it. It’s just mesquito spraying. I’ve run across those guys before when the news had said they would be out.

West Nile’s hit Colorado pretty hard the last few years.

Yeah, growing up in North Florida, we used to see those trucks a couple of times a week. The drivers would throw candy to us kids so we’d chase the trucks which I can’t imagine could’ve been good for us but oh, well. Still, fond memories of hot summer evening scrambling for the treats from the bug truck.

You can contact the Denver Dept. of Environmental Health to be notified about pesticide spraying in your neighborhood.

I just wanted to add that orange oil is used in some anti-termite treatments, so that’s why an insecticide might smell that way.

Weird. I didn’t know we did that kind of thing around here. I remember a few years ago some people in Boulder had a fit about spraying ponds, but I always thought trucks spraying down neighborhoods was something them Easterners did.

Good for Denver! Kill 'em, kill 'em all! (Bugs, that is. Not Denverites so much)

Sunny D?

Trying to get neighborhood smelling Bar-b-quey fresh.

At least they’re doing it at night. When I was kid – back in the mid-70s - I got a near lethal dose of pesticide from a spray truck in the middle of the afternoon. Sure looked like they were spraying water to me.

Malathion? Its for gypsy moths. In my experience, though, malathion smells gross… maybe they are trying to freshen as they kill.

Would there be a difference? :eek: