Late RIP: Mariska Veres (Shocking Blue)

She sang lead on an unforgettable one-hit wonder from 1970, “Venus.”

(And to this day, it sounds to me as though she’s saying “The Gov’ner saw the mountain top. . . .”)

Not until you mentioned it, and now that’s ALL it sounds like. Thanks. (:)).

She was definitely on my list of unrequited loves.

That’s how I always heard it, too, although obviously I knew I was hearing it wrong. So then…okay, what the heck IS that line supposed to be?

“The goddes on the mountain top. . . .”

Wow - we play that song in my band. Always gets a strong response - mainly from women. I am sure some of it is due to the Bananrama cover from the 80’s, but it is a truly great pop song.

Thank you for letting me know.