Latent Semantic Analysis

Can someone explain this site?

Please tell me in understandable terms.
Thank you

Basically, they’re trying to figure out what people mean when they say a given word.

Looks to me like the professors have developed computer methods for analyzing texts for various purposes. Most interestingly, to me, to evaluate student essays. It appears from my brief reading on the site that they claim to have developed a system for evaluating student essays that would mechanize the grading of essay tests. A computer program would “compare” the essay being evaluated with some essays the human evaluator had evaluated. If the essay being evaluated is most “similar” to the sample “A” essays, the essay gets an A, etc.

I put quotes around compare and similar because to me the value of the program depends on how it defines what is similar and on what factors it compares in the essays.

There are a couple of other possible uses for the program that they also describe, which sound pretty similar to me.

I have no expertise in educational (or programming) gobbledegook, but that’s how I would summarize/translate the page.

Placing dress stains under a microscope?