Latest closet-gay Pub -- Condi Rice?!!!!

Apparently she co-owned a home and shared a line of credit with a female filmmaker.

Not that that, you know, means anything, really, necessarily.

Still. You know. Still.

(Say, was the question ever settled WRT Janet Reno?)

What, Janet and Condi? I think they were just friends.

Bean and Rice. Awesome.

Black(er) Bean(s) and Rice – even better.

It’s the San Francisco treat! :stuck_out_tongue:
Actually, it’s more like something you’d get in Miami, but I digest. Er, digress.

[sub]And when you do digest, please open a window. Thank you. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: [/sub]


Really, honestly, why should anyone give a shit?

Because beans and rice are very high-fiber.

I’m confused. Is Kessler saying that calling someone gay is “unfair” and “nasty”?

From BG’s article:

That’s why.

Well, she is part of an administration that has gone out of its way to use homophobia as a political wedge issue. If it turns out that key figures in the administration are themselves gay, it will help weaken the administrations support from the more vociferously homophobic quarters of American society, thus making it harder for their agenda to be realized as law.

Also, it’s fun.

Condoleezza’s Palo Alto lezbo-condo?

You’re right, this is fun!

Condoleeeeeza! The sassy, savvy, Sapphic Secretary of State!

But how could she think of Mr. Bush as her husband in this case?

Coming soon to FOX…

It seems to me that we don’t know that anybody’s a lesbian here. You’ve got 3 people sharing a house:

Condi Rice-woman, sexual orientation unknown
Randy Bean-woman, sexual orientation unknown
Coit Blacker-man, gay

How can you assume either Rice or Bean’s orientation from that?

It’s kind of obvious, Captain.

When a high-ranking, middle aged but unmarried woman is sharing ownership of a home with another woman, that’s a clue! What’s more, when the ownership is veiled by some third-party ownership by a gay man, there’s more than whiff of “beard” in the air. And when one of those women is a politically prominent figure associated with a poltical party that’s rampantly homophobic, well, ya just gotta WONDER about that WOMAN, y’know?

She’s bisexual? Hell, for all we know her, George, and Laura have been having threesomes at Camp David. :rolleyes:

Eew, I just got an image of them running around in their jammies singing show tunes and I threw up in my mouth a little.

Please…they were college roommates, and regardless of their orientations, they’re close friends, as well as coworkers…they were both at Stanford… The argument you’re making is “Because Condi owns a house together with a woman who we don’t know isn’t gay, she must be gay herself”. I’m not saying Condi’s gay or that she’s not gay, but this is an remarkably prudish and gossipy thread.

Yeah but whether she’s gay or not, she’s obviously pretty gay friendly in her private life. As are many Republicans, I’d bet. For all I know, George himself whoops it up with his gay buds.

That makes them hypocrites. They pander to homophobic Americans, and we shouldn’t know they’re secretly partying with gays?