Latest Guitarist To Impress You*

I’m gonna go with Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys - His style is not typical of my guitar heroes, but it’s been his consistent inventiveness that has won me over.

Who you got?

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The guitarists in Grizzly Bear are really inventive. It is subtle, but I think it is impeccable. Both the acoustic and the lead.

The first name that comes to mind is Davy Knowles.


Thanks for lifting that rock…wow.
Seriously, thank you!

Do bassists count? How about Tony Grey?

Kung Fu World Champion

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(Okay, the pianist is the star here, but Tony’s an incredible bassist.)

Rodrigo Sanchez. I wouldn’t want a steady diet of Rodrigo y Gabriela, but he’s an outstanding guitar player.

That’s who I was going mention!
And in the Acoustic category - David Rawlings.

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Eric Early from Blitzen Trapper just plays things that appeal to me, so many styles, so many riffs, so many tones and his songwriting and playing are really in the pocket and cool.

I don’t have YouTube access at work, try the second half of Destroyer of the Void. It goes from a nice Beatle-esque piano song to a bad ass 70’s hard rock jam with surprising ease.

Great player - what’s his story?

Not many truly “new” players - I dig Auerbach and Jack White and Derek Trucks, but they have all been around for a few albums and years. And while I love my job and work is going well, it has definitely dug into the time I have available to explore new music and players.

I look forward to see who else this thread uncovers…

**joew **- I have heard of Grizzly Bear and gotten the sense that Animal Collective is some sort of ambient noise/rock with some melody involved. Any clips you’d point to?

Anyone dig into Sleigh Bells? That guitar player’s sound is getting attention…

I don’t really know much about him, other than seeing him open for Jeff Beck and buying a Back Door Slam CD (which is pretty good). Onstage he credits his heroes (like Beck, Clapton, Knopfler) for inspiring him, and he’s shared the stage with more than a few of them. He had some pretty impressive support recording his last album, working with Peter Frampton and Bob Clearmountain.

He’s been around for awhile, apparently, but I saw Canadian guitarist Dave Martone open for Joe Satriani last month. Dude can shred. He has a few CDs floating around out there and can really let the fingers fly.

I saw Lindsay Ell open for Chris Issac last year, She’s a Calgary girl in her early 20s, has toured with Buddy Guy, spends a lot of time with Randy Bachman, and is a helluva blues guitarist when she just plays. Her recordings have more of a pop, angsty grrrl sound to them, but hopefully she grows up to realize that her best musical asset is her skill with the guitar and starts pushing her solos more to the forefront.

Igor Presnyakov

On the jazz side of things, I’m lately taken with Mary Halvorson.

Really wonderful fingerstyle version of Boston’s More than a Feeling. Not a song I would’ve picked for that type of interpretation (it borders on a smooth-jazz feel), but his approach is technically great and fun for me to pick apart as a guitarist.

There are a huge number of really talented fingerstyle guitarists out there - Tommy Emmanuel, the Aussie player, is kinda considered the dean of the active players out there.

My two current newly discovered (ok, within the last year or 2) guitarists are Dave Davidson of Revocation (check out Dismantle The Dictators) and Christian Münzer (formerly with Necrophagist, currently with Obscura (he’s the lead guitar player, not the guy singing).

Necrophagist - Only Ash Remains

Obscura - The Anticosmic Overload

Kaki King, I love the percussion that she brings to the instrument

I’ve been listening to a lot of Justin Townes Earle lately - I’m a big fan of his father, and the son is quickly growing on me.

18 year old Aussie guitarist Joe Robinson can play a little bit.

That’s the one. Yep. Diablo Rojo is my waking up music.

Fernando Miyata, the YouTube guy.