Latin Challenge

Recently in some of my gradmas old stuff I found a medallion with the word “DANTALION” in a circle around a very strange symbol, on the back is a triangle with a circle in the middle touching all sides of the triangle, on the top of the circle it says “CHA” bottom right “EL” bottom left “MI” and around the triangle it says top right “TETRAGRAMMATON” top left “ANAPHAXETON” bottom “PRIMEUMATON” I am just curious what the english transation of all this is and if it is in actality Latin even, I tried a ton of translation engines and general internet sites but no luck. Any takers?

Don’t know what it all means, but I’m pretty sure those words are Greek, not Latin. Tetra, for example, is the Greek word for 4.

For starters, try Greek instead of Latin.

From this site:

Anaphaxeton: One of three Greek divine names that surround the Triangle of Art. “Great God of all the Heavenly Hosts.” A high holy angel of God, Anaphaxeton was also a name for deity used by Aaron.

Primeumaton: “Thou who art the First and the Last.” One of three Greek divine names that surround the Triangle of Art.

Tetragrammaton: a Greek word meaning “four-lettered name.” Refers to the highest divine Hebrew name of God, YHVH.
and of course:

Michael: Hebrew archangel of elemental fire, invoked in the LBRP and the SIRP. Hebrew for “the perfect of God” or “He who is like unto God.” The archangel of Hod.

From this site, which seems to cover all sorts of demonic nasties and related beings, I get:

He is Duke Great and Mighty, appearing in the
Form of a Man with many countenances., all Men’s
and Women’s Faces; and he hath a Book in his
right hand. His Office is to teach Arts and Sciences
unto any; and to declare the Secret Cousels of any
one; for he knoweth the Thoughts of all Men and
Women, and can change them at his Will. He can
cause Love, and show the Similtude of any person,
and show the same by Vision, let them be in what
part of the World they Will. He governeth 36
Legions of Spirits… [GAC71]; for
he knoweth the Thoughts of all Wis”

[yes, that’s all there is]

So we’ve obviously got a Triangle of Art thing going, presumably with a Golden Dawn connection. I’ll leave it to the more occult-knowledgable on the list to tell you what, if anything, your doodad there signifies.

D’oh! I should have included this, from the first website:

Triangle of Art: The figure of a circle surrounded by names of power and contained within a triangle, wherein non-physical entities appear in an evocation, to those who are trained to be able to see them.

Your grandmother may have been a more interesting person than you realize. Or she picked it up at a garage sale.:slight_smile:

Found some more info:

Much thanks jr8. I had a feeling it probably wasn’t latin and the triangle of art looks exactly what it is. It was in a box of junk so I am prety sure she didn’t even know she had it. None the less thanx for pointing me in the right direction.

Well after searching those webpages listed above and looking at the pictures this is definitely a conjuring amulet. On the back is the triangle of summoning surrounded by the 3 most holy names of god, with the inside containing what would be a crystal ball with the name Michael (an angel)surrounding it. All of this is to contain within the crystal ball the conjured form of Dantalion from the astral plane. The symbol on the other side surrounded by the name Dantalion is his personal symbol, either way this is a scary little medalion and I think I’ll toss it somewhere and hope it doesn’t show back up on its own :slight_smile: heh heh

Don’t just throw it away, sell it! If that thing is authentic, there must surely be some nutcase who is interested in the occult who would pay for it. If you can’t find any buyers, and you don’t want it, give it to me. Either I can maybe sell it, or might even use it :wink:

True enough. If you really don’t want it, and assuming it’s not made of any particularly valuable metal, you might as well unload it on eBay and make a few bucks off it. Market it the right way, and somebody will buy it.