Laugh? I thought I'd die.....

A classic.

T.V. host loses his composure

Laughter really is the best medicine…

**Laugh? I thought I’d die… **
Die? I thought they’d bury me!
Bury me? I thought they’d throw dirt in my face!
Throw dirt in my face! I thought the worms would tickle me!
Tickle me? I thought I’d laugh!
Laugh? I thought I’d die!
Die? I thought they’d bury me!
[ad nauseum]


HAH that was brilliant! “You didn’t tell me the thing jumped!”


I’ve never seen someone lose control like that before!

Capacity for rational thought? GONE!
Capacity for coherent speech? GONE!
Capacity for physical movement? GONE!
Capacity for simply keeping balance? GONE!


Then again, he DID just have some reptilian flying creature land on or dangerously near his crotch…

I doubt I would have handled myself any better. q;}

Thank you so much, SkyBum, you’ve just made my day. That was hilarous!

That was awesome- I laughed until I cried!

Hilarious… but why’d they call it snake attack? I thought the little lizard on the table was the culprit.