Laughing Cow spreadable cheese - is it real cheese?

Is Laughing Cow in the same food group as Velveeta and Cheese Whiz? Or is it a real cheese?

My daughter gave my wife some of the Light mini babybel for Mothers Day. 35 calories a wedge. We needed to use it up and I’ve been trying it on sandwiches. We made burgers last night. The babybel Garlic & Herb give it a nice taste. We’re thinking about trying the babybel cheddar next time. We got a nice variety of flavors to try.

I feel a little guilty. Is this stuff legit cheese or not? Making a sandwich with cheese whiz is so wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone else tried sandwiches with this stuff?

Still not sure if its much different than Velveeta. I buy Velveeta once in awhile to have on crackers. A guilty pleasure from my college days that I crave sometimes.

It’s real cheese product, i.e. processed cheese.

Jayzus Christi… If your life is interrupted by the quality of cheese you’re putting on your hamburgers, I’d posit that you have no problems and you’re living a charmed life.

Come back when you have a question about mustard. :wink:

Well, I try to eat healthier in middle age. I ate a lot of Velveeta on sandwiches in college. Sometimes it was just a plain Velveeta sandwich. But there’s not much nutrition in Velveeta and there’s a lot of sodium. It’s a rare treat for me anymore.

Laughing Cow spread tastes good. But maybe eating real cheese is better for you? I haven’t been able to find out.

I find that the good thing about putting laughing cow on a sandwich or a burger is that it fills the niches of both cheese and mayo, so I can eliminate both of those things from the sandwich, saving calories and fat.

I want to know what that cow is laughing about.

She’s laughing all the way to the bank. :wink:

I’m surprised to see (from the wiki page) that the cow has been laughing for almost a hundred years.

A few years back a friend of mine was in my store and saw a package of it, looked at it closer and said “Ahhh, so it’s cheese…we got this in Afghanistan (he was deployed), but none of the writing was in English so no one knew exactly what it was”

Getting milked tickles.