Laughter is Sgt. Pepper?

What is the laughter in Sgt. Pepper signifying? You know, after the introduction, “… the act you’ve known for all these years, Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band!”

There’s some crown noise, the laughter in question, then they start “We’re Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band…”

I imagine that at that point a curtain is being drawn back, the band is revealed, and the crown is laughing at their comical appearance. Is this what you guys imagined was going on?

Don’t think there’s anything significant to it. Don’t recall reading anything about it, even in George Martin’s account of the Making of. Simple tie-in between two songs?? And what about all those animal noises at the end of “Good Morning” – make as much (or as little) sense as the laughter at the beginning…

As any Beatles conspiracy buff knows, “Sgt. Pepper’s” contains the first clues to the death of Paul. Therefore, when the curtain rises, the recently-deceased Paul is still in good enough shape to be propped up against his mike stand. However, as John moves into position to sing his harmony to the opening line, his guitar cord tangles about the late Mr. McCartney’s foot, toppling him into the horrified front row. The ensuing shrieks from the front row are mostly drowned out by the sadistic laughter from the rest of the audience, and can only be heard with the help of a good equalizer and a head full of acid…

I’ll give a hint:they were giggling, laughing and recording.Then they had an urge to go out and buy chocolate. Then George Martin came and they pretended they weren’t up to anything.

Sunbear, the laughter sounds more like “crowd” laughter, not just a couple guys. It sounds to me like a sound effect purposely added.

…giggling, laughing and recording

à la “Within You, Without You”, perhaps… :wink:

I think the laughter is just part of the imaginary nightclub’s ambient noise. It’s the sort of thing you’d hear in any restaurant or club without even giving it a second thought.

While were on the subject of SPLHCB, does anybody else find the chronology of the events related in the lyrics of “Good Morning” a little confusing?

Papa says:

[q]While were on the subject of SPLHCB, does anybody else find the chronology of the events related in the lyrics of “Good Morning” a little confusing?[/q]

You seem to be forgetting this has been written by the same guy who brought you “I am the Walrus” and “Come Together”, the guy whose fellow writer/composer noted in another song on the same album

[q]found my way downstairs and had a smoke. And somebody spoke and I went into a dream[/q]

The entire idea behind SPLHCB was that it was supposed to be the Beatles doing a parody of themselves. The laughter and talking and cheering is there to give the feel of a live show. There is no deep, symbolic meaning to it at all.

Alias Incognito

Well, I wasn’t looking for anything deep. I just imagine that the Beatles were trying to portray some kind of visual image, and was wondering if others visualized what I did. No “Paul is Dead” conspiracy or anything like that.


Lennon claimed that the inspiration for “Good Morning” was the old Kellog’s Special K cereal commercial. The ad (not to mention the cereal box) featured a crowing rooster and the repeated “good morning” refrain. As for the other animal noises (pigs 'n such) - well, the lads were notorious stoners.

True Tom; I’d forgotten about the Kellogg’s box. But I’m not sure Special K was around at the time. If I remember correctly, it was plain old Corn Flakes. Could be wrong though.

Revtim:I played it, sure the crowd is laughing. That’s when the tuba player’s suspender broke and his lederhosen started falling down.

Perhaps they were playing in a (musical) graveyard? :frowning: Could be a subtle anti-war message? :o Maybe signalled the beginning and the end of the Global Village? :smiley: Party album? :wink: Remember that the musical critics of the early 60’s said that they wouldn’t last a minute, that they were just a passing fad and such.

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