Launching Applications in Linux - Quicksilver/Launchy clone?

Is there an application launcher/hotkey utility for Linux that replicates the functionality of Quicksilver on the Mac? And if not, what about a simpler one that just launches applications, like Launchy for Windows?

I’ve installed Linux on an old laptop and I like it a lot in general, but I miss the ability to quickly fire up applications with the aforementioned launchers. If there is a super easy way I have installed by default and simply missed please enlighten me. I’m using GNOME in Ubuntu Dapper Drake, but not tied to it necessarily-

Just right click on your GNOME toolbar to add a launcher for any program you desire.

Alternatively, hit Alt-F2 to bring up a commandline box and enter the name of the program you want to run. (Obviously that won’t work properly for command-line apps; you’ll need to start an xterm first.)

Sweet. Thanks Friedo.

BTW, while I have your attention, and since you apparently don’t mind helping a Linux newb, how do I get Beagle search to work like Spotlight/Google Desktop?