"Laundry Pure" -- bogus???

Okay, I just received the following e-mail from an old friend, who I used to think had her head screwed on straight. It sounds like typical snake-oil salesman BS (although I have heard that a legitimate silver-ion washing system does kill a lot of bacteria):

Sounds a little like laundry balls redux.

Here’s a fast and easy guide to bogosity - does the word “ions” appear? Ions equal con.

Here’s a fast and easy guide to bogosity - does the word “ions” appear? Ions equal con.

Detergents DO NOT contain zeolites. Detergents usually contain sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, or sodium citrate, all of which are water softeners.

Most people use too much detergent, and it can build up in clothes. The easiest solution is to run a load with detergent to rinse it out.

Right. The reason why these things work is that just plain hot water- with nothing added- will do an adquate job on much of your laundry. In fact, for the first time ot two, there will still be detergent in your clothes from prior washings.

In fact, for about a year when I was a poor college student, I washed all my clothes with nothing but baking soda and a bar of Fel’s Naptha soap rubbed on the spots. Worked fine, but the whites did start to look a little dingy after a bit.

There are socks with silver fibers “X-static”, and I can tell you that they do reduce foot odor and I haven’t had any athletes foots since using them.

Well, this is the reply I sent my friend:


The sad part is that people rarely want to know when they’re being taken for a ride. Most folks would rather just pretend they aren’t than have to confront their poor judgment.