Laura Cantrell anyone?

I was going through some old pre-recorded VHS tapes and was watching the They Might Be Giants video, “The Guitar (the lion sleeps tonight)”. In it, there’s a pleasant-looking young woman who sings the “lion…” parts.

I got to googling and found out her name is Laura Cantrell. Turns out, she’s musician from Nashville who lives in New York and is a country music DJ and performer. I found her website and she has several free MP3s available for download.

She sings country in the old school (pre-70s) style. I downloaded a couple of songs - “Not the Tremblin’ Kind” & a cover of “The Poor Side of Town”.

I really like her voice and style. Anybody else heard of her?

Yup – I used to listen to her Saturday morning show on WFMU all the time. I bought her first CD when it came out. I really like “Churches on the Interstate.”

That’s a favorite of mine too, John Peel used to play her stuff (and rave about it IIRC) She did several Peel sessions for the BBC