Law and Order computer game problem

I have finally got around to loading the 2003 game ‘Law and Order: Dead on the Money’.

It failed to work on a Vista machine.
Although it appeared to install correctly, when I ran the short-cut provided, all that happened was that the screen display size changed. :confused:

I tried a later game in the series - ‘Law and Order: Justice is Served’ - on the same machine and that worked.

I put the discs of ‘Law and Order: Dead on the Money’ into my computer running Windows XP (2002) and the same fault (the screen display size changed) occurred.

Here are my questions, which I would be grateful to have answered:

  1. Do you think I have a corrupted version of ‘Law and Order: Dead on the Money’ ?
    (I bought it legally from mz*n, so I can easily get a replacement.)

  2. In general, do older games still run under new operating systems?

I think I’m allowed one thread bump (OK, Mods?)

In my experience corrupted discs are rare, but that old a game might suffer from media detoration… However, since it appears to install correctly I’d think the disc is ok. (Usually, whenever I’ve encountered games that wouldnt run, I’d have trouble installing it…)

As for running under XP, it should not be a problem seeing as XP was launched in 2001. You might wanna try the various compability modes tough, just to see. (Right click game icon, choose run in compability mode, choose win 98)

ETA: Have you looked if there is a patch available? Could be some issues having been resolved…

Sorry - I should have said that I downloaded all the available patches successfully.