Law and order the PC game

I am a big fan of Law and Order, so when my husband saw they made a PC game out of it, he bought it for me. (I know, huh? how sweet…!!).
I need to find somebody who has played the game, something is driving me nuts!
I send a person to get a psychiatrist exam and it tells me the results are in… for the life of me I can’t find the office where to go check out the results!!
Please tell me where this stupid psychiatrist office is!!

This should help.

I’ve seen this game, and I’ma big L&O fan as well. How’s the game? Is it fun?

Never played it, but the reviews I’ve read have been pretty mixed, leaning towards the negative.

yes, reviews are pretty bad! I guess I am biased I am just having fun with Brisco…!
It isn’t the best game, not the best graphics, but I like the concept.
I still can’t find anything, even with those hints Fibber McGee… I got to look a little more as I have a hard time getting on the site. I did find a lot of hints on the web, but I won’t look too much as I don’t want to have help so far… well, no help to solve the murder…

Can you choose what cast you want? I want Jamie Ross as assistant DA or I don’t want to play.

haha! Sorry you don’t pick, you get the blond one, Selena!
WTF… where is that damn stupid office … arghhhh…

I can live with Selena if I have to, but please tell me that they included Fred Thompson!

When you choose the map option, you can scroll down past the bottom of the map. (I didn’t know that, so I couldn’t even figure out how to get to the precinct office, short of going to the crime scene and being transferred back from there.) :o

Anyhow, I couldn’t find the psychiatrist either. Go to the map and scroll down (heading south) and you should find her.

Oh deborak, thank you so much… I didn’t know the map was bigger than it actually shows!
and I am sorry Skammer… no Fred Thompson… although maybe I am not far enought into the game.

Heh - I’m glad I wasn’t the only one - I was playing for quite awhile before I realized that the map scrolled!

I’m pretty sure I suck at the game, seeing as how I’ve restarted it three times now and hit the same dead end each time. I was having fun, though! (I had to put the game aside because I got busy, I’ll get back to it the next time I have a long weekend or something.)

Now that I know about this stupid map I will for sure play tonight!!

Guess I’m the only one who thought this thread was about political-correctness on Law and Order. :slight_smile:

I checked for a walkthrough on gamefaqs but there’s no help there. All they’ve got is one link to a review.

You can check out a demo of the game on the NBC website.