Law of Initial Exposure... any validity for you?

While reading the SDMB over the past few years and seeing how my wife and I are about things I’ve kind of developed a new law/correlation/somesuch which goes like this:

When you become a fan of something, the season/CD/film that makes you a fan is the one you generally regard as superior.

For example…

… My wife and I fell hard for all things Buffy during season 6 - which we still continue to think as the best Buffy season ever. No questions asked.

… We love the LOTR movies… but I find the books to be damn-near unreadable, to the point where I wonder how Jackson created his magnificent films out of such banal source material. However, people who loved the books prior to the movies’ release find MUCH more at fault in re: to the films. Me, I’m like “Tom Bombadil? Good riddance to bad rubbish!”

… I became a big U2 fan during their Eno/Lanois period and find all their subsequent work to pale beside it.

… And I could go on and on… Law and Order with Brisco/Green/Angie Harmon (rowr) is yet another. Nothing wrong with Fontana… it’s just that Brisco/Green is that much better, likely because we became fans by watching Brisco/Green reruns on TNT.

Anybody else find that this holds true for them?

Nope, not for me, at least, not for all things.

Started watching *Buffy *in the second season. Third’s my favorite. No, wait, fourth! No, fifth! sigh

Read Fellowship of the Rings, most of Two Towers, and couldn’t get through the first chapter of *Return of the King *- all about 20 years ago. LOVE the movies.

Much as I love Mists of Avalon, I have to admit that The Red Tent is a superior novel in nearly every way. They’re the same sort of book for me: recreationist historical fiction, for lack of a better term.

Similarly, while I loved Christopher Eccleston, I have to admit that David Tennant is The Doctor.

Not I.

The first episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer I saw was the one guest-starring John Ritter. I hated it. The next two were months later–the two-part finale to the 3rd season. Simply loved it. My favorite Buffy season, though, is the fifth (with an honorable mention to the musical episode in the sixth).

Before the first LotR movie, I had never read the book (and I had no special desire to see the movie). I liked the movie, went out and bought the book, and simply adored it. The only problem was that my love of the book resulted in a diminishment of my like of the movie.

I will say that when I really love a book, I rarely like the movie.

See above re: BtVS. Watched it from episode 1. Season 3 is by far the best. Season 1 was quite erratic.

Read LotR in high school. Thought they were overblown nonsense. Loved the movies.

Been a Springsteen fan since The River, but Born To Run is better. Barely. Maybe.

I read Ringworld before The Ringworld Engineers, but The Ringworld Engineers is still my favorite.

Empire Strikes Back is my favorite Star Wars movie, but I saw Star Wars first.

Forbidden Knowledge is my favorite book in the Gap Cycle, but I read them in order.

Come to think of it, I think my rule is that I always like the second part of in a series the best.

Season six was my introduction to Buffy, too. Seasons three and four are my favorites.

DS9 is the only Trek I like. TNG was my gateway.

I think that in general it’s probably true, but it’s easy to come up with cases in which it doesn’t.

I started reading Superman comics in the 1990’s, starting with the Death of Superman and continuing from there. The 90’s-era Superman was absolutely the one I grew up with and it wasn’t until I was in my very late teens that I started reading older Superman material.

By far, I prefer other periods of Superman to the 90’s.

Likewise, I grew up with the 90’s era James Bond movies, which I hate. I love Dr. No and Casino Royale, however.

On the other hand, I started watching Buffy with season 3, which is my favorite.