Law & Order 3/5 open spoilers holy shit!

Forgive me for forgetting the therapist’s name. the female therapist who’s appeared for many years on the series. She was on the witness stand and had to confess to a sexual relationship w/ a client (cop) who had lost a partner. Logan??? she fucked Logan??? holy shit!!!

Wouldn’t you fuck Logan if you had the chance?

abso-fucking-lutely (to coin a phrase :wink: )

Well, he is Mr. Big.

Dr. Elizabeth Olivette.

Since we never found out, let me throw my hat into the wring: I think it was McCoy. And the partner he lost was Claire. OK, we’ve seen Logan and Olivette together when Logan was her patient after Max’s death, (the seven stages of denial scene), but I still think it could be McCoy.

Hell, I’d be surprised if Dr. Skoda wasn’t sleeping with all the female chracters of all three L&O series. Skoda rocks.

Olivette, though? Big meh. Never liked her.

Dr. Olivette? That brings me back. Remember George Dzundza, villains who would answer questions by rapping at you, and the DA with the flat-top do?

Even the stalwart L&O wasn’t immune to the 80’s.

Possibly. There have been scenes (well, at least one I can remember) where it is revealed that Jack slept with some of his associates.

Don’t think it was McCoy. at the end, Olivet (thanks!) and McCoy had a conversation where she berated him for ‘betraying a confidence’. Don’t think that’s the language one would use if it’d been McCoy. Besides, I mean, Logan, ya know?

Yes, McCoy had a habit of dating his associates (especially Claire). I recall reading once that the actress didn’t realize that pretty much everyone watching the show at that point assumed there was a relationship between them.

If so, she missed the boat. Logan was a hottie!

I’m sure she got a little thrill everytime she saw him arch his near-Unibrow. :wink:

I know I do. :wink:

I always thought there was some chemistry between them. He was particularly upset in the episode where she was raped by that gynocologist. (One of their skeeviest perps ever – played by a repeat offender, too! I dunno how they could’ve used him again, he was indelibly burned into my brain as the guy who groaned into Olivett’s hidden tape recorder UGH.) I’d like to think they got together after that, and maybe she helped him get through the early months when he was unjustly dumped onto Staten Island.

Oh Logan. Owner of NY’s sexiest brown leather coat. If only L&O:CI didn’t suck so much ass, I’d still be able to ogle him.

Please refresh my memory – when exactly did Logan lose a partner?

I haven’t watched L&O for years, but I was mad at my husband last night so I took over the TV. Take that!

What a skeevy episode! I didn’t see the first 20 minutes or so, and maybe I’m confused. So this woman marries her therapist, who forced her to have sex with him when she was a teenager. He’s very controlling but she loves him anyway. She hears a tape-recording of him talking about “Meredith”, who she assumes is a patient he’s having an affair with, and she kills him.

Turns out Meredith is a small town where they had a romantic tryst and the tape-recording is his journal of his mad love for his wife. Wife breaks down on the witness stand after realizing she killed him for no reason.

Then there’s the 14-year-old daughter with the flat affect who gives mommy an alibi and later changes her mind, which made me wonder if the L&O twist was going to be that daddy abused her.

Seems to me the woman was pretty obviously unstable and the judge shouldn’t have accepted the plea agreement.

The whole thing gave me the creeps.

First Dzunda got shot & killed, then Big Paul got shot and retired. When Jerry Orbach became his partner, he made a comment about how Logan was a “real black cat.”

In McCoy’s first episode, it was explained that he kept getting in trouble for sleeping with lots of women and acting inappropriately in the office. Said scene happened as McCoy changed his pants in front of whats-her-name. :eek:

His first partner, Max Greevey, played by George Dzundza, was executed by the mob. Logan tracked down the killer and put a gun to his head, pulled the hammer back, and got a confession. Stone believed that Logan forced the confession, so he had to undergo counseling by Dr. Olivette. Great episode, and a great performance by the killer.

Also did anyone notice the actor that played the Judge in last night’s episode? IOW, any Rescue Me fans watching?

In other words:

Max Greevey (played by George Dzunda) was murdered at the beginning of the second season in a particularly intense episode, ‘Confession’; an angry Logan was seen visiting Olivet a couple of times during the ep., standard procedure for a cop who’s lost his partner.

Phil Cerrata (played by Paul Sorvino) was shot during an undercover assignment and, when he knew he wouldn’t recover to full active duty, retired. This was in two epsiodes early in season three, ‘Prince of Darkness’ and ‘Point of View’.

It took me a minute to place him, then I’m going “It’s Lou!”

So in episode 23, "Confession ", Logan starts getting counselling from Olivette. Some time after that - presumably not too long afterwards - Logan & Olivette are to one degree or another an item. Then, in episode 50, "Helpless ", Olivette gets raped by her gynaecologist and Logan entirely fails to fly off the handle and threaten to rip the guy a new one, or several new ones.

Doesn’t sound like Logan to me.